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Rachel Mendelsohn

Design Lady

Berlin Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Five Elephant

    Lovely, Aussie, ex-pat friendly coffee spot. BEST cheesecake I have ever had and the perfect stop on a bike ride around the city. Beautiful product, beautiful people and in the heart of East Berlin. Sehr gut!

  • MarktHalle

    Open air food party in your mouth. Sample small plates from tons of vendors. Buy bier at the Späti (small shops outside) and enjoy it with the international cuisines and coffees and fresh breads inside. Bonus: photobooth inside!


  • Archive Kabinett

    Small book publisher and shop devoted to design, the arts and culure. Design and community is part of their ethos, and publications are lovely and in English ;) The shop itself is moody and refined, the clientele is international and proprietor, Chiara Figone, is a BOSS LADY.

  • Modulor

    CREATIVE PERSON MECCA. Just the most delightful experience I have had looking for art supplies in a beautiful, clean and organized space. Also great printing services and products.


  • Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

    Not always worth the 2 hour wait in line, but easier to handle if you buy bier and drink it while waiting. The mixture of veggies, feta cheese and meat is literally making my mouth water as I type this. Perfect Berlin street food, and definitely a hot spot.

  • Habibi

    Perfect plates of middle eastern delights. Fairly inexpensive and in a few locations. Desserts also excellent and easy to eat on the go. Place is good for small groups and light, healthy fare. Staff is entertaining, and not SUPER English friendly, but you can make it work.


  • Prince Charles

    Had many a good night here, both for drinking and dancing. Many good DJs come through this spot and it's typically pretty full. Unlike some other clubs in Berlin, I never had a problem getting in here, and the cover was fair. The venue was an old poolhouse, so the bar sits low and the vibes are fluid.

  • Das Hotel

    Lovely cafe, bar and dance spot. The interior is the perfect Berlin shabby-chic and before or after sitting, coffee-ing and smoking, you can walk along the Kanal to your next destination. Cozy inside, wifi offered and good, cheap drinks—both alcoholic and otherwise.

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