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Chicago Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Metropolis Coffee Company

    Metropolis is the quintessential coffee house. It has plenty of seating, fast wifi, and right next to Loyola, and Lake Michigan. And I gotta say, they roast my favourite beans in Chicago.

  • Ipsento Coffee House

    A cozy place with a great aesthetic. The have great food, great coffee, and a great shop to sit down and work, or just chat with a friend. Try their nutella latte.


  • Reckless Records

    Huge selection of vinyls, cd's and movies. And it's right in the middle of Wicker Park, one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago.

  • Myopic Books

    Great used bookstore, that has a huge selection, and just a couple stores down from Reckless Records.


  • Gene & Jude's

    Best hot dogs in Chicago. Period. Don't ask for ketchup. Cash Only.

  • Lula Café

    Great spot for brunch in Logan Square. Though it does get pretty packed, especially on the weekends.


  • The Art Institute

    Seriously one of my favourite places in Chicago. I could spend all day wandering around.

  • Take a trip to the Zoo

    Lincoln Park Zoo is a great zoo, that offers so much, and it's located in one the most interesting and fun neighborhoods in Chicago. It's definitely a must see.

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