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Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung

Owners, Poketo

Los Angeles Guide


  • Din Tai Fung Dumpling House #1

    Since this Taiwanese import opened a few years ago, I've never gone there when there wasn't a line. Even if you get there before the restaurant opens at 10 AM, there is already a line of hungry people waiting for the delicious soup dumplings. If you don't know, xiaolongbao, (soup dumplings) are, get to know them asap as you're missing out big time. What could be better than a dumpling filled with meat and soup and when you bite into the dumpling, the soup spills out into your mouth... yum! They also have other yummy noodle and vegetable dishes. Arcadia is a just a 15-20 minute drive east of Downtown Los Angeles.

  • Park's BBQ

    Home to the best and most authentic Korean BBQ. It's all about the meat.


  • Villains Tavern

    Tucked away in a non descript location in downtown Los Angeles, close to our studio, is a bar that opened just a little over a year ago with a huge line of people already waiting. They serve amazing cocktails and some delicious bar food including bacon pop corn and some amazing fries.

  • El Prado

    Just a few blocks from our house is a bar that opened a several years ago. What used to be a dingy old bar frequented by older Latino men, is now a hipster spot. It's a really nice, warm and chill bar but go there on weekdays, weekends are sometimes unbearably crowded.

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