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Carly Ayres

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New York City Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Smith Canteen

    Smith Canteen is a Carroll Gardens staple. If you can't beat the parental rush on weekday mornings following school drop-offs, it's still worth the wait. From the tiled floors to the mirrored walls, it's a great place to curl up in a window and people watch. I'm a huge fan of their cappuccinos, coffee, and summertime lemonade. As if that wasn't enough, they have adorable personal quiches. Quiche!

  • Bagels by the Park

    MMM.. bagels. I'm no bagel connoisseur, but if you're looking for a hot, delicious, bagel smothered in butter with egg and bacon under four bucks this is the perfect spot. I like to accompany it with Gatorade, perfect for taking on the day. Don't forget to bring cash!


  • Stinky Bklyn

    I'm a cheese aficionado, so when I stumbled upon Stinky Bklyn, I was in heaven. The staff is super friendly and eager to help you find exactly what kind of cheese you're looking for, or the cheese you don't even know that you were looking for. They also sell dough doughnuts and a myriad of other tasty treasures.

  • BookCourt

    I try so hard not to be one of those people who says that they love the smell of books, but I go weak in the knees for a cluttered, cramp book shop. This one happens to be quite spacious, but I love it nonetheless. I've spent too much money here.


  • Seersucker

    Seersucker was one of the first places I went to upon moving to Brooklyn and I think I've been there on a weekly basis ever since. Perfect for brunch or supper—their two offerings—Seersucker perfectly epitomizes southern charm with amazing fried chicken and pimento grits. I highly recommend their four biscuit box paired with homemade preserves and molasses butter.

  • Miriam

    Tucked away on Fifth Avenue between Gowanus and Prospect Heights, Miriam is a wonderful Mediterranean Restaurant perfect for a date night or evening out with friends. It has a quiet, yet vibrant atmosphere and while I've only had dinner, I've heard their brunch is equally amazing.


  • Black Mountain Wine House

    There's a lot of great bars in Brooklyn, but Black Mountain Wine House is almost always my first choice to meet friends only partially due to its proximity to my apartment. Perfect for the winter time, it has a cozy atmosphere with a wood-burning fire. They also have a surprisingly vast cheese selection, and a lovely menu of savory snacks and bites.

  • Canal Bar

    A friend of mine once told me, "Nothing bad has ever happened to me there." To this day, I think we can both say that that statement rings true. Full of dive bar wonder, Canal Bar has free popcorn and Jenga. What's the worst that can happen?


  • Point Break LIVE!

    What started out in Los Angeles, Point Break Live has been embraced by the welcoming arms of Brooklyn. The live parody of Keanu Reeves' best hit yet, invites the audience on an interactive adventure, even hosting an 'Are U Keanu?' contest at the beginning to audition audience members for the role. Ponchos provided.

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