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New York City Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Nice & Sweet @Play

    It's got a really great sitting area: surrounded by art pieces/experiments and books, a comfortable place to sit with friends and catch up. Not much noise or busy-ness going on, even though you're in that type of working area in the Flatiron. It's just comfortable. Good coffee and pastries if you want a snack.


  • McNally Jackson Books

    It's just a good, local bookstore feel while being in a big city. Periodicals are good, with a few mainstream popular magazines and selection of more curated picks.

  • Turntable Lab

    It's an enthusiast's landmark for DJs and hip-hop fans. It's got a loyal and welcoming fanbase, with a really knowledgeable staff that's super friendly. Dig around and sample some records, check out the popular picks for DJ/Production equipment, or visit during the evenings when they have live spinning sessions with some great DJs.


  • Restaurant Marc Forgione

    The food is simply amazing, and well worth the price for a high-end restaurant in the city. Americana fare with really great, unique plates like a savory macaroni cheese with oxtail. I always recommend people go here when they're visiting the city if possible, because it's excellent food without the fanfare or pretense found in a lot of the high-end restaurants. It has a bunch of accolades, but honestly, it's just a great restaurant with an exceptional chef at its helm. Straightforward atmosphere where you can wear your normal clothes and get a wonderful meal.

  • Chop Shop

    Asian fusion. It's a modern restaurant for sure, with a really clean and simple menu. The ingredients and taste are light and fresh, and even with the more savory dishes, which is ideal for lunch fare. Recommend: summer rolls, zha jian mian.


  • The Gate

    The best, proper pour of Guiness in Brooklyn. There's an outdoor area when the weather is nice out, but it's often very crowded those days. Overall, just a simple, local bar in the neighborhood with good Guiness.

  • The Rock Shop

    Roof deck. It's a bit off the main path for Park Slope wanderers, so it's never really too crowded. Rock Shop often has live shows with cover, but you can ask to go straight to the roof which doesn't have any charge. There's a small kitchen with simple burgers and fries, sports on the tv's, and an open roof deck sit and enjoy. Next door is Mission Dolores, which is another great bar with an excellent drink menu and an outdoor area, so I often look at these places as a pair, depending on my mood.


  • City Hall Subway Station

    A few years ago, MTA once again started allowing riders to stay on the 6 train around the loop that shows the historic, never opened to the public City Hall subway station. It only lasts a few seconds, but if you stay on the south-bound 6 subway train at City Hall, even after the "this is the last stop" warning given to riders, you can take a glimpse of the epic station that never was. Trains come quick as you're just going around a loop to re-situate the train and stop again where you started, so you can ride a few times if you want. I like to think of what would have happened if this station ever opened, and the amount of effort and detail put into this envisioned centerpiece of the NYC subway system that never opened has always been a mini-mystery.

  • Winnie the Pooh at the New York Public Library

    While there's a bit of controversy over where they should ultimately reside, the actual stuffed animals that served as the basis for Winnie the Pooh have been living at the New York Public Library for quite some time now. Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, and Kanga are here, toys and companions of the original, Christopher Robin Milne.

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