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Coffee & Tea

  • Milk Bar

    Not to be confused with Momofuku Milk Bar, this place has great bunch and coffee. Get the Australian Iced Coffee: a double shot of chilled espresso over two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream topped with milk. Thank me later.


  • BDDW

    I have a thing for venturing into furniture stores and wood shops. I also have a thing for venturing into shops where I can't afford even the cheapest thing on sale there. It's a problem. One of these days I hope to be able to afford a piece from this furniture store in SOHO. The entire 7,000-square-foot space on Crosby Street is a sight worth seeing, even if you don't need a $13,000 ping-pong/dining table with removable leather net for your studio apartment.


  • Miss Lily's & Melvin's Juice Box

    This Caribbean oasis is a perfect pit stop on your way to IFC or Angelika Film Center. Melvin's Juice Box is the product of Melvin Major Jr., who has been creating killer juices and smoothies for 20 years, way before Jamba Juice's punkass. Get the STRAWBERRY RIDDIM and sit outside and enjoy the reggae playing from inside.

  • La Esquina

    La Esquina has three separate entrances, all with their own menu and experience. It's better explained with a flow chart, but I'll give this a shot. Hungry for some killer huevos rancheros? Go to the café entrance around the corner. Want a quick bite while people watching? Sit in the taqueria at the little bar. Grabbing drinks and want to really impress someone? Enter through the taqueria and find the guy standing at the other door as you enter. Tell him you want to just grab a seat at the bar downstairs, then follow him down, walk through the kitchen, and into another world.


  • The Dead Rabbit

    This place has an entire book filled with 72 cocktails. I repeat, they have a BOOK of 72 available cocktails. It also includes a graphic novel on John Morrissey, a nineteenth century Irish-American who was a member of the Dead Rabbits and enemy of Bill the Butcher. You've seen Gangs of New York right? If you're not looking to get rowdy, ask the guy at the door to take you to the second floor, where there's no sawdust on the floor and a piano player at night.

  • The Shanty

    I stumbled across this oasis one Friday night in Williamsburg and thought I was dreaming. A quiet bar in Williamsburg not filled to the brim with extras from a Wes Anderson film? Unheard of. The product of Brooklyn’s New York Distillery Company, this place is half distillery and half bar. If you're feeling adventurous, there are tours of the distillery itself from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

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