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New York City Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Burrow

    Teeny tiny Japanese bakery that is so easy to miss, you'll need the exact address to find it. They serve Kitten Coffee, which is brewed only a few miles away in Bed Stuy, and amazing pastries by chef Ayako Kurokawa.

  • Pie Corps

    Right across from McGolrick Park in Greenpoint, Pie Corps is a great place to meet up with friends (or internet acquaintances) and grab some iced coffee/pie. It's quiet, it's cute, and they're always playing great music.


  • The Deep End Club

    Owned by DJ Tennessee Thomas, The Deep End Club carries a mixture of 60's-70's ephemera and clothing by NY designers like Family Affairs and Samantha Pleet. Go with deep pockets!

  • Catbird

    Catbird is magical! It's a tiny jewelry and knick-knack shop stuffed with precious things (and tons of people). If I had infinite cash to blow on whatever I wanted, I would honestly buy one of everything here.


  • Selamat Pagi

    If I were on death row and picked my last meal, it would be a toss up between the Black Sticky Rice Porridge and the Bali Chicken Hash. Get both at breakfast and split it with a friend!

  • Snacky

    Kitschy Williamsburg hole in the wall that serves, you guessed it, snacks. I like getting a sparkling sake and a couple small plates like pork buns, dumplings, and Asian tacos.


  • Night of Joy

    Night of Joy is everything I want in a bar; Dusty, feminine, opium den vibes with a $6 happy hour cocktail special (get the jalapeño and black currant tequila) and a roof deck.

  • Burnside

    Good place to grab beers and get a taste of the famous Juicy Lucy, a burger with cheese INSIDE that is beloved in Minneapolis. Can get crowded on the weekends, but is super relaxed on weekdays.


  • Dim Sum Extravaganza!

    Make your way around Chinatown to have dim sum at the NYC classics--grab a steamed pork bun at Nom Wah, make your way to Golden Unicorn for chicken feet, and end up at Jing Fong for dessert.

  • Spa Castle

    Spa Castle is a truly weird spa that reminds me of why I love living in NYC. Nestled in Flushing, Queens, $40 gets you in the door with unlimited access to the saunas and public baths. Go hang out with your friends and see everyone's birthday suits.

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