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Helena Stead

Editorial designer for print & digital platforms

Paris Guide

Coffee & Tea

  • Le Printemps

    It's a little hidden gem, on the roof of the beautiful mall Le Primtemps, buying a cafe au lait will get you the most incredible views of the city looking towards Monmarte and the Eiffel tower. On a summer's day you could spend hours lazing up there and it's a spot known by locals only.

  • L'AntiCafé

    A vibrant cafe close to Chatelet, this cafe/co-working space is a new concept where you pay by the hour and can get unlimited teas/coffees/snacks and wifi. It's perfect for moonlighting and where local Parisian artists and designers come to hang out and work from.


  • Le Marais

    I love these small cobbled streets that are buzzing with life on a Sunday when the rest of Paris has shut down for the day. Filled with gorgeous boutiques, galleries and delicious falafel, the heart of this jewish quarter is a great place to wander and admire all the beautiful window displays and carefully curated shop interiors. An absolute favourite of mine is Aesop for amazing hair products and Jimmy Fairly which is where most of the Parisians pick up there thick rimmed designer glasses from.

  • 0FR

    One of many trendy, independent bookshops in Paris, but this one appeals especially because it stocks only beautifully designed contemporary photography and design publications that are perfect to flick through for inspiration.


  • maison européenne de la photographie

    Nestled in the heart of le Marais, this gallery exhibits a fantastic collection of contemporary photographic art as well as a small, but great bookshop featuring all the top names in photography.

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