San Francisco, CA

From the editor

Nestled in the foggy, windswept Outer Sunset district is Outerlands Cafe, a pocket option true embodiment of the natural beauty and flavor of Northern California. The charming interior and inviting ambience is the ideal backdrop for the locally sourced and rustic cuisine. You could imagine the driftwood on the walls to have been foraged while walking around nearby Ocean Beach or possibly salvaged from some trees in Golden Gate Park. The big windows and unassuming tables make you believe that John Muir would have called this place home.

You can’t talk about Outerlands without mentioning the toast. What makes this toast so good? I have a sneaking suspicion that they pocket option copy trading must have harvested tears from the flavor angel. Whether you go for brunch, lunch or dinner, the food will leave you feeling as fresh as the sea air around you. The hot apple cider, sure to warm up anyone who came ill-prepared for the weather or the wait.

Speaking of the wait, don’t be discouraged! You can grab a blanket and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the Outer Sunset, or stop into Trouble Coffee or the General Store to discover some true San Francisco hidden gems.


  • If the wait got you down, stop into Trouble Coffee for the ‘Build Your Own Damn House Special,’ a pre-meal appetizer featuring a cup of coffee, a coconut, and a slab of the second tastiest toast known to man.
  • Feeling brave? Ask to sit outside and wrap yourself is pocket option legal in india up in a cozy blanket and enjoy the fog rolling past you as you dine.